Heidi Osborne

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A Musical Jouney Around the Globe

Heidi Osborne is an American folk/pop singer/songwriter, pianist, and makeup artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her latest musical journey took her out to Cape Town, South Africa where she spent three months in creative migration; escaping the northern hemisphere’s winter; while working with Cosher Studios. Out of this time, an EP was born, NOMAD (2018). Every time Heidi travels she collaborates with local talent to input their creativity into her songs. You’ll hear taste of African beats, guitar riffs and backing vocals in Afrikaans throughout the EP. NOMAD (2018) will take you on a journey of friendship, love, loss, the need for home, and that through everything in life, the struggles are only what make us stronger. She hopes that through her music people will feel empowered to believe that anything is possible.

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